NEOTANE® Material (advanced formulation of polyurethane)

NEOTANE® Material (advanced formulation of polyurethane)

The advanced formulation of polyurethane!

NEOTANE® is a unique blend of materials developed with over 55 years of experience and based on the feedback from millions of end users. For decades we have been working together with the best equipment suppliers guaranteeing us high quality products made with NEOTANE®.

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Our unique blend of ingredients leads to outstanding product features. Bekina® Boots made with NEOTANE® are  light, insulating, comfortable and strong . They provide excellent protection against dirt and have an optimal chemical resistance.

Today, we have a full range of NEOTANE® products. Depending on the sector in which you operate, our R&D specialists developed  a custom NEOTANE® recipe . With knowledge of the needs and requirements of your industry, meeting the needs of its users.


1. Strong & impermeable 

Bekina® Boots are  designed for long and intensive use . That is why the outer layer of Bekina® Boots is strong and impermeable. During the curing process of the boots after production, a natural skin is formed which protects the cell structure against dirt and penetration of various types of chemicals. The outer surface can be easily wiped clean after a hard day’s work. So don’t be afraid to get yourself dirty.


 2. Tiny air bubbles: light & insulating 

NEOTANE® consists of millions of tiny air bubbles, compactly mixed through the material. This makes Bekina® Boots light and flexible. The boot moves with you and pushes you forward. Apart from that, air is  the perfect insulator . Consequently our boots keep your feet warm in the cold and provide for the necessary cooling in the heat.

 3. Self-regulating thermal process 

Ingeneous process thanks to the combination of the air bubble structure and a  protective vapour control layer  on the inside of the boot. This vapour control layer guarantees an increasing thermal performance and helps you to protect your feet from the consequences of condensation. The combination of the lining, the NEOTANE® and the moisture-absorbing insoles creates a self-regulating thermal process. That is how you can avoid sweaty feet, enjoy more benefits and more comfort.