Use dedicated boots per zone for an optimal biosecurity result

The most discarded and forgotten measurment on the farm wilst probably the fastest, most simple and cheapest in orde to prevent the spread of bacteria, is to create a good entrance hygiene protocol troughout all departments on the farm; Wash & disinfect your hands and wear dedicated boots per zone. Each small effort can make a big difference for your farm on every level.

The 2 main goals of Biosecurity are:

  1. Prevention of new diseases
  2. Control of existing diseases

Within these 2 goals we want to assess the risk and implement measures to decrease that risk and to safeguard and improve health status on a farm. A biosecurity program is (should be) the basis of any disease control program and should be practical, cost effective and reviewed regularly.

We have EXTERNAL biosecurity and INTERNAL biosecurity.

external biosecurity

External: Reduce introduction of diseases


Internal: Reduce the spread of diseases

Better biosecurity =

  • Increased profit
  • Less disease
  • Better and healthier production
  • Better animal welfare
  • Less antimicrobials
  • Stronger public health
    and public opinion
  • Compliant to legislation

Not all transmission routes are equally important

Risk of disease transmission = probability + frequency of occurrence

If a certain transmission route has a low probability of occurence but the handling is repeated very frequently the risk of transmission will be very substantial!

Important biosecurity measure:

It’s from utmost importance that every transmission route is monitored and that you don’t spread pathogens from one group of animals to the other.

Entrance hygiene

Before entering the premises:  contact the farmer to inform him about your arrival

Step 1

Disinfect the tires of the vehicle (car, truck …), make sure that the whole surface of the tires is disinfected also the part that is on the ground.

Step 2

Put on company owned boots or go through a
disinfection bath before entering the hygiene lock.

Step 3

Sign in to the visitors book

Step 4

Wash hands thoroughly – disinfect after washing
Take a shower and put on clothing provided by the farm

Step 5
  • Enter the barn
  • Disinfect your hands
  • Put on boots dedicated to the zone
  • Disinfect your boots before entering
    • Disinfection mat
    • Disinfection bath
Step 6

After your barn visit:

  • Wash your hands
  • Disinfect your boots and change into your shoes.
  • Disinfect your shoes before stepping outside.

Read our biosecurity brochure here