Sustainability Report

Within our family company, sustainability is in our blood.


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The Bekina Standard 

As a family company, we are adamant about taking the enormous responsibility we have with regards to the world in which we do business. We do this by applying our craftsmanship to produce innovative and high-quality products as sustainably as possible. Authenticity and integrity are central to this commitment. We apply the utmost integrity in our relationships with employees and partners. They offer both an invaluable reflection and the motivation to do better and better and in so doing, grow sustainably together.

We are already taking significant steps towards a more sustainable future, by looking ahead and dreaming big. We do this with our feet firmly planted on the ground and with our gaze resolutely trained on the horizon.

The Bekina Standard is alive, everywhere you look.


SDG’s to which our sustainable initatives have made a positive contribution in each area of our operations

Never solo, always together

The Bekina family includes 110 employees and over 400 partnerships worldwide. And our partnership with Voka is a product of our desire to put in place a high-impact, efficient and relevant sustainability policy. 

As the largest network of entrepreneurs in Belgium, Voka helps businesses grow and flourish together and the wellbeing of everyone. They support them in anchoring sustainability in their DNA and in achieving clear sustainability objectives. The Voka Sustainable Enterprise Charter (VCDO) is a fully customised action plan which Voka develops together with each member company. In each case, it is based on the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) identified by the United Nations, which have been signed by no fewer than 194 countries.  

Every year, Bekina expands its sustainability action plan in consultation with Voka with concrete objectives for the coming year and an evaluation of the previous year’s performance. The action plan is the compass which guides us every day to make a difference together with our employees and partners. 

Join us in our sustainable journey