Equestrian elegance

The Litefield® model from Bekina® Boots is the ideal boot for an enjoyable walk in the woods. This NEOTANE® boot is considerably lighter than classic boots made of rubber or PVC and can last up to three times longer.

The thermal-insulating NEOTANE® and the moisture-absorbing insole will ensure your feet are always warm and dry. These green, elegant NEOTANE® boots with a brown sole are therefore  the ideal footwear for any outdoor activity !

These leisure boots excel when it comes to user-comfort: the flexible material fits each foot like a glove. Thanks to the innovative kick-off spur, you can also take these boots off again in no time.


"I love to wear my Litefield® boots when I have to walk in swampy pastures to see my horses. These boots are very flexible and featherlight, but especially the kick-off spur comes in very handy!" Heidi De Ruyver

Heidi De Ruyver