Put some flowers in your old boots!

flowers in boots

Every year, hundreds of shoes and boots keep washing ashore on the beaches of the North Cape in Norway, often referred to as the northernmost point of Europe. Erica Haugli, an artist from the nearby village of Honningsvåg, has been clearing away all of the shoes and boots from these beaches since 2012. Bekina® Boots wants to show its support for this beautiful project.

Boots in the sea

Litter that has deliberately or accidentally been released in the ocean, tends to accumulate on places where ocean currents meet. Because of the typical currents in the Norwegian and the Barents sea, this marine litter is frequently washing aground on the beaches of the North Cape.

Erica Haugli, who lives nearby: “I live in such a beautiful place. Ideal for hiking, biking, fishing, … you name it. One of my favorite things to do around here is walking on the beaches. Unfortunately I always see an enormous amount of debris on these beaches.”

In this debris, Erica not only finds a lot of bottles and other plastics, but amazingly also a lot of shoes and boots.

flowers in boots

Flowers in boots

To make people aware of ocean debris and to encourage them to stop throwing things in the ocean again, Erica decided to clean the beaches. But she did not stop there: with the old boots she started making beautiful flower pots and collages for sale. With the returns of this form of art, she makes sure the beaches around the North Cape stay clean.

To date, Erica gathered already an astonishing 1200 shoes and boots from these beaches! “I know it is ordinary trash, but sometimes it puts a smile on my face knowing it all comes from boots that were washed up on the beach.  Each with its own untold adventure, from near and far, these boots have traveled the arctic seas but their tales did not end on the rocky coastline. Now they’re ready to tell a new story.”

flowers in boots

flowers in boots

Sustainable entrepreneurship

At Bekina® Boots, we pay a lot of attention to sustainable and ethical entrepreneurship. Whenever there are little flaws during the production of our boots, we don’t throw the boots away. We donate them to people who can still use them. For example, in January of this year, we donated 1,500 pairs of boots to the refugees in Dunkirk. This way, Bekina® Boots is committed to create less waste.

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flowers in boots