Sustainable business

Sustainable business

Bekina receives the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Pioneer Certificate!


We are proud that Bekina received the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Pioneer Certificate from UNITAR, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research. This certificate is awarded to companies that have been guided by Voka over the past three years to focus intensively on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and thus achieve the VOKA Sustainable Business Charter three years in a row. This year, only 100 companies throughout Belgium will receive the SDG Pioneer award. And Bekina is one of them!


Sustainable Entrepreneurship is embedded in our company's DNA.
Every day, our people work together to address several of the United Nations’ areas of development - the so-called 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).
These goals represent a unique fusion between 2 global agendas: sustainable development and development cooperation across the whole planet.


To be awarded the VOKA Charter, you must show that your company has realised at least 10 objectives (GOALS) in the space of one year. The actual assessment is carried out by an evaluation committee headed by an independent chairman. To ensure the objectivity of the committee, it is composed exclusively of independent experts and representatives from various government departments, organisations and the business community.

Here are a few examples of the achieved objectives:

3. Good health and well-being

BRAVO PROJECT: Various activities are being organised under the BRAVO project. BRAVO stands for Bewegen, Rookstop, Voeding and Ontspanning (Movement, Stop Smoking, Nutrition and Relaxation). These activities are always under professional supervision. The overall objective is to make sure all Bekina employees enjoy exercise and healthy eating, without competing against each other and without overdoing things. In the context of Movement, for example, the company offers e-bikes to employees for commuting. In addition, various sessions are being organised about healthy nutrition, exercise and relaxation.

VOKA charter fruitmand
FRUIT BASKET: The company offers fresh fruit to employees every week.

7. Affordable and clean energy

The Bekina Indurub Business Unit is a specialist in the field of custom-made plastic injection moulding. Various investments have recently been made to decrease energy consumption and increase energy efficiency. This includes investments in new Eco drive injection-moulding machines, and the use of solar panels and heat recuperation in the warehouse.


9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Various initiatives have been taken in the interest of road safety/infrastructure. For instance, a snow clearance plan was introduced and extra road signs and concave mirrors were put up around the factory.


11. Sustainable cities and communities

Bekina offers its employees e-bikes for commuting. Besides promoting sustainable mobility, we also created a bike parking area (including a charging station) this year.


12. Responsible consumption and production

Bekina Indurub wants to offer its customers Cradle to Cradle-certified products that are made from rigid and flexible plastics. Bekina Indurub has earned a bronze C2C certificate in this regard and is synonymous with sustainable product development.


We are already preparing for the next edition of the VOKA Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship!

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Bekina Boots is an official Febelsafe member


The professional federation Febelsafe (°1973) is the Belgian federation of manufacturers, distributors, service providers and professional end users in the field of safety and well-being. As our core business is related to safety and PPE, Bekina® is of course a member of this federation.

As in all other sectors, it is of the utmost importance to be and remain informed of the latest legislation on safety, welfare and personal protective equipment (PPE). Febelsafe supports us in collecting this knowledge.

As the collection and dissemination of this knowledge is the most important pillar of Febelsafe, they have a solid network of experts in safety and welfare.
Febelsafe members sign a charter and receive a Febelsafe certificate.


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Bekina® NV achieves the VOKA Charter for Corporate Social Responsibility

Voka Charter Duurzaam Ondernemen

As everyone knows, Corporate Social Responsibility is a common theme in the daily activities of our group of companies. Together, we focus on the 5 Ps: Peace, People, Planet, Prosperity and Partnership. These are the 5 development domains of the United Nations.
To receive the VOKA Charter for Corporate Social Responsibility as a company, you have to demonstrate that you realise all kinds of actions that benefit people, the environment and society. The so-called Sustainable Development Goals.



BRAVO stands for Bewegen, Rookstop, Voeding and Ontspanning (Movement, Stop smoking, Nutrition and Relaxation). The organised activities are always under professional supervision. In the context of Movement, for example, the company makes E-bikes available to the employees for commuting.


When setting up workplaces for both employees and workers, we take account of the ergonomics of the workplace.


We have also set up working groups with our workers, under the guidance of an external company, to formulate, implement and evaluate projects that improve efficiency, for example, at shift changes.


We organise the Bekina Boots Run for the benefit of To Walk Again. Through the Bekina Boots business unit, we donate boots to refugees, for example, in Dunkirk via GaMCare, ...



We also pay attention to nature around us. We support the pruning of trees, for example, and have created a green zone. In addition, the polyurethane boots of the Bekina Boots brand last three times longer than rubber or PVC boots, and are therefore more durable. As a result, our users ultimately produce less waste. We also pass on this message to our distributors and end customers. In this way, we try to play our part in contributing towards the awareness of sustainable entrepreneurship.


Bekina Indurub wants to offer its customers Cradle to Cradle-certified products on the basis of rigid and flexible plastics. In recent years, the company has strongly focused on reducing its ecological footprint, among other things by avoiding the creation of waste water and paying special attention to renewable energy.



Bekina provides local employment, and we contribute to the further development of the local economy and, consequently, the creation of prosperity.
We received the VOKA Charter from the hands of Mr. Jozef Dauwe, Provincial Executive of East Flanders, on 20 June 2018.
We are looking forward to the 2018 edition of the VOKA Charter for Corporate Social Responsibility!

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Onderhoud eiken in Kluisbergen

eiken snoeien in bruggestraat te kluisbergen

Bekina® NV, het moederbedrijf achter Bekina® Boots, nam 6 jaar geleden het peterschap op van maar liefst 300 eiken langsheen de gemeenteweg Berchem-Zulzeke. De bomen hebben namelijk af en toe een grondige snoeibeurt nodig. Daarom liet het bedrijf voor de derde keer een bomenverzorger aanrukken. Ook de 50 jonge eiken die Bekina® NV 3 jaar geleden liet aanplanten werden onder handen genomen.

Eiken die geplant worden naast de rijweg moeten om de 2 à 3 jaar gesnoeid worden, zodat de stam recht naar boven groeit en tot op een hoogte van 8 meter geen takken meer heeft. Indien dit niet wordt gedaan kunnen de takken vrachtwagens en andere weggebruikers hinderen.

snoeien eiken kluisbergen

Omdat de gemeente Kluisbergen niet over het nodige materieel en middelen beschikt om dit te doen, besliste Bekina® NV in 2011 om de gemeente hierin te ondersteunen.

“Dat een bedrijf samenwerkt met de gemeente om bomen langs de rijweg te onderhouden én er zelfs nieuwe laat aanplanten, is echt zeldzaam.”, zegt de ervaren bomenverzorger Eric Imschoot. “Ik hoop dat dit meer bedrijven inspireert om zich in te zetten voor natuurbehoud in hun streek. Bomen maken een straat niet alleen veel mooier, ze zijn essentieel voor onze planeet".

Hier kunt u nog enkele foto's downloaden:


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Put some flowers in your old boots!

flowers in boots

Every year, hundreds of shoes and boots keep washing ashore on the beaches of the North Cape in Norway, often referred to as the northernmost point of Europe. Erica Haugli, an artist from the nearby village of Honningsvåg, has been clearing away all of the shoes and boots from these beaches since 2012. Bekina® Boots wants to show its support for this beautiful project.

Boots in the sea

Litter that has deliberately or accidentally been released in the ocean, tends to accumulate on places where ocean currents meet. Because of the typical currents in the Norwegian and the Barents sea, this marine litter is frequently washing aground on the beaches of the North Cape.

Erica Haugli, who lives nearby: “I live in such a beautiful place. Ideal for hiking, biking, fishing, … you name it. One of my favorite things to do around here is walking on the beaches. Unfortunately I always see an enormous amount of debris on these beaches.”

In this debris, Erica not only finds a lot of bottles and other plastics, but amazingly also a lot of shoes and boots.

flowers in boots

Flowers in boots

To make people aware of ocean debris and to encourage them to stop throwing things in the ocean again, Erica decided to clean the beaches. But she did not stop there: with the old boots she started making beautiful flower pots and collages for sale. With the returns of this form of art, she makes sure the beaches around the North Cape stay clean.

To date, Erica gathered already an astonishing 1200 shoes and boots from these beaches! “I know it is ordinary trash, but sometimes it puts a smile on my face knowing it all comes from boots that were washed up on the beach.  Each with its own untold adventure, from near and far, these boots have traveled the arctic seas but their tales did not end on the rocky coastline. Now they’re ready to tell a new story.”

flowers in boots

flowers in boots

Sustainable entrepreneurship

At Bekina® Boots, we pay a lot of attention to sustainable and ethical entrepreneurship. Whenever there are little flaws during the production of our boots, we don’t throw the boots away. We donate them to people who can still use them. For example, in January of this year, we donated 1,500 pairs of boots to the refugees in Dunkirk. This way, Bekina® Boots is committed to create less waste.

More information

Once upon a dream Gift Shop:

Or follow Erica on Facebook.

flowers in boots

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Donation of boots to the refugees

Bekina® Boots vluchtelingen Duinkerke

“You can see that people are getting stuck in the mud with their shoes. The people have no boots”, says Dirk Vandervelden, a volunteer at the refugee camp in Duinkerke. That’s why Bekina® Boots decided, in cooporation with more than 100 volunteers from the non-profit organization GaM Care, to donate 1500 pairs of boots to this refugee camp on Wednesday, 13th January 2016.

“At Bekina® Boots, we always had much attention to sustainable and ethical entrepreneurship. Because of the high need of boots in the refugee camp, we couldn’t wait any longer”, says Peter Bauwens, CEO of Bekina® Boots. “It’s a horrible situation at the camp. The faster the boots will be there, the better.”

Wednesday afternoon, 100 volunteers will start to distribute the 1500 pairs of boots in the camp. This will happen from a central collection point or personally in the tents of the seriously ill, single mothers with young children or pregnant women.

Update: The 1,500 pairs of boots are distributed in the camp. Thanks to all volunteers who made this happen. Together we can make a difference.

Watch our video of the distribution of boots in the refugee camp:


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Global responsability: the heart in the right place


Bekina® Boots sent 1.300 pairs of boots to Peru

It is not the first time a container of boots leaves to one of the less developed countries. How can a production company that is still producing here in Belgium donate full containers to charity? Georges Vanderbeke, CEO:  “A small percentage of our products are rejected due to flaws. That does not change the quality of the boots, but they can’t go to our usual outlets.”

Bekina® Boots has a good contact with one of the aid organizations that have been active in Peru. As soon as two days after the first heavy rains came the cry for the next container. Georges Vanderbeke: “For us this is an extra cost, but that does not weigh against the gratitude of local people.”

Bekina® Boots will also contact other aid organizations to start a similar cooperation for Haiti and find a way to contribute there as well.

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