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These boots are made for milking


Producers lavish a lot of care and attention of their cows' hooves. But how good are they at looking after their own feet? We spoke to two physiotherapists and a boot manufacturer to find out why personal 'hoof care' is so vital.


Testimonial Darren McMurran, Banbridge, Co Down.

320-cow herd, currently expanding to 500 cow, averaging 12.100 litres.

"Boot comfort is really important to me, particularly since I easily spend more than eight hours every day wearing them. I look for a pair of boots that give good ankle and leg support, and they've got to be light - they can't be clumsy. And for safety reasons they have to have good tread, to offer plenty of grip."

"As one of the 2014 NMR/RABDF Gold Cup finalists, I received a complementary pair of Bekina® Boots and, compared with some other brands available, these tick all the boxes."


Cow Management, UK, Oct isuue, text by Rachael Porter: download

These boots are made for milking.pdf

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Trends Gazellen 2015


Bekina® Boots was nominated Trends Gazelles 2015.

The fast growing companies listed in the Trends Gazelles 2015 ranking are always strong and competitive companies in their domain and for their region. An honor for Bekina® Boots to belong to the top.

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Bekina® Boots: SME Laureate


Have you noticed that Bekina® Boots is taking a giant leap forward today ? A new corporate image, a new website, there’s clearly a wind of change blowing through the company! And this doesn’t go unnoticed in the business world !

Bekina® Boots is elected UNIZO SME Laureate for East-Flanders.

UNIZO is the organized interest group of Flemish entrepreneurs. With the ‘SME Laureate’ Award, UNIZO stresses the importance of SME as a driving force for our economy and by extension for our entire society. Innovation, customer orientation and international entrepreneurship were deciding factors. And wouldn’t you know: each of these aspects run as a successful connecting thread throughout our daily SME policy, because even a family owned company with over 50 years of experience has to think ahead!

You have brought Bekina® Boots to where we are now!

Thank you!

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Agrilite® boot is an iF design award winner!


It is finally confirmed: Bekina® Boots won an iF-Award for its Agrilite® boot! iF is a German organisation which promotes revolutionary, durable and functional product design. A considerable prize!

Over 2000 guests from over more than 40 countries worldwide were present in a building of architectural top quality: the BMW head office in Munich. It was an honour to be present at the ceremony as one of the few nominated Belgian companies.

From smartphones to cars and even original packaging concepts: the best of all categories have been rewarded. In the category ‘Industry/Skilled trades’ our Agrilite® boot were side by side with brands such as Hitachi, Festo, Siemens, Sick and SKF. Hilti and Optrel who were the leaders in our category, won a Gold Award.

Other Gold Award winning products were: Mercedes S class coupé, Philips, Sony with Apple even collecting 3 awards.

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Global responsability: the heart in the right place


Bekina® Boots sent 1.300 pairs of boots to Peru

It is not the first time a container of boots leaves to one of the less developed countries. How can a production company that is still producing here in Belgium donate full containers to charity? Georges Vanderbeke, CEO:  “A small percentage of our products are rejected due to flaws. That does not change the quality of the boots, but they can’t go to our usual outlets.”

Bekina® Boots has a good contact with one of the aid organizations that have been active in Peru. As soon as two days after the first heavy rains came the cry for the next container. Georges Vanderbeke: “For us this is an extra cost, but that does not weigh against the gratitude of local people.”

Bekina® Boots will also contact other aid organizations to start a similar cooperation for Haiti and find a way to contribute there as well.

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