Bekina Boots literally saved my life!

safety on the farm - steplite x solidgrip

Testimonial of Frank, an Irish farmer

StepliteX SolidGrip

Dear boot maker, I just want to say thank you to the makers of the Bekina StepliteX SolidGrip boot. It literally saved my life! I was out farming on December 2nd at 11:00 at night when a bucket from the front loader of the tractor came down on my leg. I reached for my mobile phone and it was not on me. Thanks to the steel toecap on my Bekina boot, it held the bucket up enough for me to pull out my foot. I made it back into the house when I collapsed. My leg was badly broken but thanks to the steel toe cap, I was able to get my foot out.

Otherwise I would have been trapped under the loader and would not have been found until the next morning. On a night where it was -5°C outside, I definitely would not have survived. The bucket must have weighed just under 1 ton so the steel toe cap withstood a lot of pressure. I am very thankful to be recovering from a broken leg at the moment and to be here. Many thanks and best of luck. Frank!

Safety on the farm

Farmers are often urged to take care of the countryside and take care to meet a myriad of regulations. But they really should be urged to take more care of themselves starting at the bottom with a pair of agriculture wellies for their hard working feet!

All our boots are made from NEOTANE, a high quality polyurethane. As a result our boots are light and strong, have a high thermal insulation value and last a long time.


StepliteX SolidGrip S4StepliteX SolidGrip offers the wider fitting many farmers require for extra comfort. Additionaly, the lightness of the wellies thanks to the use of the Neotane material is a huge bonus for farmers on their feet for incredibly long days at busy times. No more heavy or tired legs after a hard day's work!

This remarkable material also ensures that StepliteX SolidGrip boots offer insulation down to -30°C. So say goodbye to cold toes!

And last but not least the safety toe cap offers optimal protection for any job in and around the farm.

Farmers Weekly, a leading British agriculture magazine, has elected StepliteX SolidGrip as the best work wellies. "StepliteX SolidGrip work wellies have a cracking value compared with the rest". Read the full article here on Farm Welly Boot Test.

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VOKA Charter Sustainable Entrepreneurship (VCDO)

Bekina nv awarded VOKA Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (VCDO) for third year in a row

Sustainable Entrepreneurship is embedded in our company's DNA.
Every day, our people work together to address several of the United Nations’ areas of development - the so-called 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).
These goals represent a unique fusion between 2 global agendas: sustainable development and development cooperation across the whole planet.


To be awarded the VOKA Charter, you must show that your company has realised at least 10 objectives (GOALS) in the space of one year. The actual assessment is carried out by an evaluation committee headed by an independent chairman. To ensure the objectivity of the committee, it is composed exclusively of independent experts and representatives from various government departments, organisations and the business community.

So Bekina can rightfully be proud to see its efforts rewarded in this manner for the third year in a row!

Here are a few examples of the achieved objectives:

3. Good health and well-being

BRAVO PROJECT: Various activities are being organised under the BRAVO project. BRAVO stands for Bewegen, Rookstop, Voeding and Ontspanning (Movement, Stop Smoking, Nutrition and Relaxation). These activities are always under professional supervision. The overall objective is to make sure all Bekina employees enjoy exercise and healthy eating, without competing against each other and without overdoing things. In the context of Movement, for example, the company offers e-bikes to employees for commuting. In addition, various sessions are being organised about healthy nutrition, exercise and relaxation.

VOKA charter fruitmand
FRUIT BASKET: The company offers fresh fruit to employees every week.

7. Affordable and clean energy

The Bekina Indurub Business Unit is a specialist in the field of custom-made plastic injection moulding. Various investments have recently been made to decrease energy consumption and increase energy efficiency. This includes investments in new Eco drive injection-moulding machines, and the use of solar panels and heat recuperation in the warehouse.


9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Various initiatives have been taken in the interest of road safety/infrastructure. For instance, a snow clearance plan was introduced and extra road signs and concave mirrors were put up around the factory.


11. Sustainable cities and communities

Bekina offers its employees e-bikes for commuting. Besides promoting sustainable mobility, we also created a bike parking area (including a charging station) this year.


12. Responsible consumption and production

Bekina Indurub wants to offer its customers Cradle to Cradle-certified products that are made from rigid and flexible plastics. Bekina Indurub has earned a bronze C2C certificate in this regard and is synonymous with sustainable product development.


We are already preparing for the next edition of the VOKA Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship!

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30 jaar geleden: brand verwoest Bekina® NV

brand bekina kluisbergen

Op dinsdag 24 oktober is het precies 30 jaar geleden dat een brand het bedrijf Bekina® nv in de as legde. Nu, in 2017, is Bekina® NV nog steeds gevestigd op dezelfde locatie in Kluisbergen. Bekina® NV is intussen uitgegroeid tot een bedrijvengroep en stelt 100 mensen tewerk in de kunststofverwerkende industrie. Op 24 oktober herdenkt het voltallige personeel de brand in aanwezigheid van enkele hoofdrolspelers.

25/10/17 Het Laatste Nieuws: "Bekina samen heropgebouwd"

Bekijk de reportage van AVS



brand bekina kluisbergen


De nacht van vrijdag op zaterdag die 24ste oktober 1987 sloeg het noodlot toe. Plots ontstond er brand in de fabriek van Bekina nv in de Berchemstraat in Kluisbergen. Twee van de zes arbeiders die op dat moment nachtdienst hadden vluchtten nog snel de kantoren in om de hulpdiensten te bellen. Enkele ogenblikken later waren ze omringd door een vuurzee en konden ze door hun koelbloedigheid maar ternauwernood aan de dood ontsnappen.

Georges Vanderbeke: “Gelukkig reageerden Rudy Van Glabeke (zie foto hieronder) en Eric Bourgeois koelbloedig en hebben ze onmiddellijk het initiatief genomen om de brandweer te bellen die snel ter plaatse was.” Maar het kwaad was al geschied. “Tegen de tijd dat ik ter plaatse was waren er reeds verschillende brandhaarden in het bedrijf en konden we enkel nog toekijken hoe 6000m² tot as werd herleid.” concludeert Georges.

rudy van glabeke


Een groot deel van de 60 werknemers die toen aan de slag waren bij Bekina® konden (vrijwillig) helpen met de wederopbouw van het bedrijf. Hierdoor werd de technische werkloosheid tot een minimum beperkt.

Georges Vanderbeke: “Gelukkig was het bedrijf correct verzekerd en in januari 1988 konden we van start gaan met de bouw van een nieuw bedrijfspand. In juni ging het bedrijf opnieuw open “met alles erop en eraan”!”

Samen sterk

Spoedig kwam er uit vrij onverwachte hoek hulp. Vier concurrerende, rubberverwerkende bedrijven boden spontaan hun hulp aan. Ze stelden de nodige werkruimte ter beschikking voor Bekina®. “Dit in combinatie met een goede relatie en samenwerking van de leveranciers hebben de continuïteit van het bedrijf kunnen garanderen.” vervolgt Georges Vanderbeke.

Toonbeeld van veerkracht

“Via de Nationale Dienst voor Statistiek vernamen we toen dat minder dan 1/3de van de bedrijven die door een dergelijke ramp getroffen werden, erin slaagden de kop boven water te houden. We zijn niet alleen blijven bestaan. Op amper acht maanden tijd zijn we tot hetzelfde peil gekomen als vóór de brand, zowel op het gebied van personeelsbezetting, productie als verkoop!”

bekina nv brand

Bekijk foto's van de brand:


Bekijk foto's van het herdenkingsmoment op 24/10/2017 in aanwezigheid van HLN, AVS, burgemeester Willequet en schepen Lode Dekimpe:

Foto's herdenkingsmoment >>

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Sponsorship Koppenbergcross (BE)

sponsoring Bekina Boots Koppenbergcross

Sunday, 1st November 2015 there was again the Koppenbergcross 2015. Also this year, Bekina® Boots was sponsoring this cyclocross. For the third consecutive year, the weather was fantastic. The small village of Melden was packed with people on this sunny day. 

For the occasion, we invited some of our test farmers as VIPs, to thank them for their commitment and continuous feedback about our boots. 

It was an exciting competition. Wouter Van Aert was the first to cross the finish line, half a minute before Kevin Pauwels and Van der Haar. 

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Bekina® Boots: SME Laureate


Have you noticed that Bekina® Boots is taking a giant leap forward today ? A new corporate image, a new website, there’s clearly a wind of change blowing through the company! And this doesn’t go unnoticed in the business world !

Bekina® Boots is elected UNIZO SME Laureate for East-Flanders.

UNIZO is the organized interest group of Flemish entrepreneurs. With the ‘SME Laureate’ Award, UNIZO stresses the importance of SME as a driving force for our economy and by extension for our entire society. Innovation, customer orientation and international entrepreneurship were deciding factors. And wouldn’t you know: each of these aspects run as a successful connecting thread throughout our daily SME policy, because even a family owned company with over 50 years of experience has to think ahead!

You have brought Bekina® Boots to where we are now!

Thank you!

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Boots all day long


Last Monday Bekina® Boots welcomed its 100 test farmers for a guided tour.

"Farmers do wear our polyurethane safety boots all around the world," company owner Thomas Vanderbeke says. "A test panel of regional farmers is constantly wearing our boots so that we can offer qualitative products each and every day."

To this end a group of farmers living nearby the Bekina® Boots premises frequently receives a new pair of Bekina® Boots trial boots. Because who better suited than a farmer is to field-test our boots ? Some of our test farmers are even wearing their boots up to 12 hours a day! This is an ideal way for Bekina® Boots to get direct feedback and to find out whether our boots live up to the farmers’ high quality demands.

"Finally, these test farmers also enable us to compare the Bekina® Boots comfort and quality levels with those of the competition and to adjust our new product developments in time", Thomas concludes. "So it was a pleasure indeed to thank our test farmers for their efforts."

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Bekina® thanks its employees with a jubilee party


Our employees were present in large numbers to enjoy a pleasant and varied evening.

This lovely event on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Bekina® offered something for everybody.

With the following pictures we look back on a very successful evening which we will remember always for its wonderful family atmosphere.


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