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Dairy farmers attach much importance to their cows’ hooves. But how good are they looking after their own feet? Let’s sum up why qualitative work boots are essential to any dairy farmer.
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Every year, hundreds of shoes and boots keep washing ashore on the beaches of the North Cape in Norway, often referred to as the northernmost point of Europe. Erica Haugli, an artist from the nearby village of Honningsvåg, has been clearing away all of the shoes and boots from these beaches since 2012. Bekina® Boots wants to show its support for this beautiful project.
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"Steplite®X are the best work wellies you can find on the market", according to agriculture magazine Farmers Weekly. Read the full article!
Bekina® Boots vluchtelingen Duinkerke
Because of the high need of boots in the refugee camp in Dunkirk, Bekina® Boots decided to donate more than 1500 pairs of boots to this refugee camp.

Producers lavish a lot of care and attention of their cows' hooves. But how good are they at looking after their own feet? We spoke to two physiotherapists and a boot manufacturer to find out why personal 'hoof care' is so vital.


Testimonial Darren McMurran, Banbridge, Co Down.

320-cow herd, currently expanding to 500 cow, averaging 12.100 litres.