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Innovative Material for Durable Work Boots

Are you looking for strong, safe, yet comfortable work boots for your leisure time or your job in agriculture, fishing, industry, or the food-processing sector? Then look beyond rubber or PVC work boots. All our work boots are made of NEOTANE, a high-quality polyurethane specifically developed in our specialist Bekina laboratory. NEOTANE was developed by Bekina Boots as an application of polyurethane for professional and leisure boots.

Characteristics of NEOTANE

What makes the NEOTANE work boots from Bekina Boots so special?

  1. Sealed skin: strong and impermeable on the outside
  2. Tiny air bubble structure: light and insulating
  3. Self-regulating thermal process on the inside

Lighter in weight

Polyurethane’s structure consists of small air bubbles. This makes our work boots lighter in weight: NEOTANE work boots are 40% lighter than rubber or PVC boots. This makes them a lot more comfortable to wear and prevents tired legs when you’re walking around in them all day.

Thermal insulation

The bubble structure also provides additional protection at low temperatures. Our work boots provide optimal thermal insulation, and their self-regulating thermal inner layer keeps your feet nice and warm. The air circulation that occurs within the boot with each step also provides natural ventilation and prevents sweaty feet.

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Protective layer

The strong and impenetrable outer layer of our work boots ensures optimal protection and guarantees they are waterproof. NEOTANE work boots naturally have a protective layer against dirt and chemical substances, but their smooth surface also makes them easy to clean and ensures that no dirt remains.


NEOTANE work boots last three times longer than rubber or PVC boots. You will have to replace our work boots much less often than a pair made of any other material. That's not only good for your wallet, but also more sustainable for our planet.

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