How to watch the Bekina® Boots VR movie

How to watch the Bekina® Boots VR movie

1. Watch with cardboard VR glasses

Watch the video on Youtube and click on the cardboard icon at the bottom of the video. In order to use a cardboard, you'll need a smartphone that is VR-compatible. If you don't have cardboard glasses, there are still many options to see our movie! Check if your phone is VR-compatible >>



2. Watch on your smartphone

Don't have VR glasses? No problem! You can use Youtube to get a nice experience on your smartphone. Don't forget to turn around! Of course, you're phone has to be VR-compatible.




3. Watch on your computer

No VR-glasses or a VR-compatible smartphone? Then click on the button below to watch the video on your computer.




4. Watch with your Samsung VR gear

Do you have Samsung VR gear? Just download the video on your smartphone and enjoy!