These boots are made for milking

Producers lavish a lot of care and attention of their cows' hooves. But how good are they at looking after their own feet? We spoke to two physiotherapists and a boot manufacturer to find out why personal 'hoof care' is so vital.


Testimonial Darren McMurran, Banbridge, Co Down.

320-cow herd, currently expanding to 500 cow, averaging 12.100 litres.

"Boot comfort is really important to me, particularly since I easily spend more than eight hours every day wearing them. I look for a pair of boots that give good ankle and leg support, and they've got to be light - they can't be clumsy. And for safety reasons they have to have good tread, to offer plenty of grip."

"As one of the 2014 NMR/RABDF Gold Cup finalists, I received a complementary pair of Bekina® Boots and, compared with some other brands available, these tick all the boxes."


Cow Management, UK, Oct isuue, text by Rachael Porter: download

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