Steplite EasyGrip, puntera de acero (S4), verde

Color: verde

Talla: 36 - 48 Tabla de tallas
  • horma: estándar
  • material flexible
  • resistente al estiércol, las grasas, los aceites y los productos químicos
  • excelente agarre incluso en superficies húmedas y aceitosas - suela certificada SRC
  • sin PVC
  • incl. RFID
BB_MKT_Icon_Print_Insulating-20°C-4°F Steplite_EasyGrip_SafetyLevel_S4 Insole
Normas y certificados
Australian Standard ASTM_logo_qu CSA_logo CE Logo ISO9001

Este poliuretano está formado por una estructura de pequeñas burbujas de aire. Esto consigue que las botas Bekina Boots sean ligeras y flexibles. Las botas de NEOTANE son un 40 % más ligeras que las de caucho o PVC.



Las botas Bekina Boots tienen certificación SRC Estas botas antideslizantes ofrecen un excelente agarre en superficies resbaladizas. Así es como puedes evitar resbalones y tropezones.


Gran resistencia al deslizamiento

Nuestras botas son térmicamente aislantes y te mantienen los pies cómodos y bien calientes gracias a su capa interior térmica autorregulable.


Aislamiento térmico

La fuerte e impenetrable capa exterior de nuestras botas te proporciona una protección óptima y son impermeables. Se acabó el tener los pies mojados.



Nuestras botas tienen una capa protectora contra la suciedad y los productos químicos. Resisten los productos químicos, los aceites y las grasas.


Resistentes al aceite y a los productos químicos

Steplite EasyGrip safety boots for men and women with steel toecap, agricultural work boots, non-slip sole, feather light, impervious to water, mud or detergents, insulating up to - 4 fahrenheit, green

Steplite EasyGrip is thé classic among agricultural boots and has become synonymous with comfort and durability. These hard-wearing NEOTANE boots with their elegant fit are feather-light, feel supple and give your feet energy throughout the day. Bekina Boots are always looking for innovative ways to maximise your comfort. Steplite EasyGrip boots for farm work have a handy kick-off spur so you can take them off easily after a hard day's work.

In addition to comfort, safety also comes first in farming life. That's why these boots are supplied with steel toe cap to protect you from heavy falling objects or cow punches for example. The sole profile is SRC-certified for slip resistance. That way, Steplite EasyGrip boots guarantee an excellent grip on slippery surfaces guarding over your safety in any situation. You can wear them when you're working in the milking parlours or on the land. The boots are thermally insulating down to -4 °F to protect you from the cold and keep your feet warm. These boots are ASTM F2413-18 M/I/C compliant.

This NEOTANE boot is resistant to oils, fats, manure and various cleaning products.

All our boots are made from NEOTANE, a high quality polyurethane. As a result our boots are light, flexible and strong, have a high thermal insulation value and last three times longer than rubber or PVC boots.