PU for you

PU for you

Why choose our PU boots?

Bekina® Boots develop and manufacture top quality PU boots: durable, feather-light, thermal-insulating boots with unbelievable comfort for your feet.

All of our PU boots are specially developed and produced according to your needs and the conditions in which you'll be wearing them. Moreover, they are fully compliant with the increasingly strict international safety standards for hygiene and mechanical slip resistance (SRC).

These polyurethane boots are primarily intended for use in labour intensive sectors such as industry, agriculture, oil & gas or food processing. But we also stock leisure boots for individual use.

In summary: PU Boots with 5 star technology

  • Top quality craftsmanship
  • Unequalled comfort
  • SRC quality label for mechanical slip-resistance
  • Extra safety thanks to the optional steel toecap and sole
  • Tested and approved by professionals!


Take a look at all our safety boots!

It kind of feels like they are pushing you forward!