Comfort with our polyurethane boots

Comfort with our polyurethane boots

Polyurethane is an injection-moulded synthetic material containing millions of tiny air bubbles. The specific characteristics of this material make PU the most suitable material for producing durable and comfortable safety boots.

The three biggest advantages of Polyurethane boots?


Polyurethane boots
PU is much lighter than rubber or PVC thus offering increased comfort. The flexible material also feels really soft to the touch, which makes polyurethane boots extra comfortable to wear.


Thanks to the thermal-insulating effect of polyurethane, your feet will feel warm in winter and cool in summer. Even at extreme temperatures to as low as -50°C, polyurethane boots will stay supple and keep your feet warm.


Tests have shown that our polyurethane boots can last up to three times longer than boots made from rubber or PVC when properly cleaned and used in the same conditions. PU boots are also resistant to oil, fats, manure, acid and chemicals.


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