Riglite®X (fur)

These  ultralight quickfit boots with pull-on loops  are the perfect boots for doing dirty and heavy work. The steel toe cap and midsole (S5) protect your feet from falling objects, protruding nails and other sharp objects.

The RigliteX (fur) outsole is characterized by abrasion-resistant deep lug treads guaranteeing long life. This hardwearing outsole is slip-resistant (SRC certified) and offers excellent grip on slippery and dirty surfaces. The NEOTANE® material, used for the shaft and outsole, makes the boot ultra-light and insulates down to -20°C. The RigliteX (fur) calf boot is 100% waterproof for warm and dry feet.

Bekina Boots are resistant to fats, oils and a variety of chemicals. (download list below)

 RigliteX boots are available with or without winter lining. 


with or without winter lining
robust and lightweight
wide fitting
flexible material
shock absorbing heel
excellent grip (SRC)
ergonomic footbed
slip resistance


Safety level

Protective toe cap and midsole (S5): 
XRN4PAB/7080AP198 non-fur brown/black; XRN4PBB/7080AP229 fur brown/black


Size EU: 
36 > 49
Size UK: 
3,5 > 14
Size US: 


Norms & certificats

ASTM Certificate
Australian Standard
CE certificate
CSA Certificate
CTC Certificate
GhostR Certificate
ISO 9001 Certificate
PFI Certificate
SATRA Certificate

Data sheets