Discover the latest member of the Bekina® Boots family: the Midlite X.

Do you have rather broad calves? Then this black calf boot is the ideal solution for you. In addition, this top boot has a wider fit, guaranteeing superior wear comfort all day long. The NEOTANE® material used for the upper and sole makes the boot as light as a feather and provides for insulation up to -20°C. As with the entire Bekina® Boots range, this boot also has SRC certification and offers excellent slip-resistance.

In addition, the Midlite®X is equipped with our handy push-off aid. This helps you to put on your boots and take them of more quickly after a hard day’s work.  All of this makes Midlite®X  your ideal partner for jobs in and around the farm. 

This NEOTANE® boot is 100% waterproof and offers protection against all kinds of oils, fats/greases, manure and various cleaning products.