Bekina® Boots vluchtelingen Duinkerke
Because of the high need of boots in the refugee camp in Dunkirk, Bekina® Boots decided to donate more than 1500 pairs of boots to this refugee camp.

Producers lavish a lot of care and attention of their cows' hooves. But how good are they at looking after their own feet? We spoke to two physiotherapists and a boot manufacturer to find out why personal 'hoof care' is so vital.


Testimonial Darren McMurran, Banbridge, Co Down.

320-cow herd, currently expanding to 500 cow, averaging 12.100 litres.

sponsoring Bekina Boots Koppenbergcross

Sunday, 1st November 2015 there was again the Koppenbergcross 2015. Also this year, Bekina® Boots was sponsoring this cyclocross. For the third consecutive year, the weather was fantastic. The small village of Melden was packed with people on this sunny day. 


Bekina® Boots develops quality PU boots for every segment. From agriculture to industry, drilling platforms or food processing. Bekina® Boots always has its finger on the pulse of your sector.


Bekina® Boots was nominated Trends Gazelles 2015.

The fast growing companies listed in the Trends Gazelles 2015 ranking are always strong and competitive companies in their domain and for their region. An honor for Bekina® Boots to belong to the top.