Bekina® NV achieves the VOKA Charter for Corporate Social Responsibility

Voka Charter Duurzaam Ondernemen

As everyone knows, Corporate Social Responsibility is a common theme in the daily activities of our group of companies. Together, we focus on the 5 Ps: Peace, People, Planet, Prosperity and Partnership. These are the 5 development domains of the United Nations.
To receive the VOKA Charter for Corporate Social Responsibility as a company, you have to demonstrate that you realise all kinds of actions that benefit people, the environment and society. The so-called Sustainable Development Goals.



BRAVO stands for Bewegen, Rookstop, Voeding and Ontspanning (Movement, Stop smoking, Nutrition and Relaxation). The organised activities are always under professional supervision. In the context of Movement, for example, the company makes E-bikes available to the employees for commuting.


When setting up workplaces for both employees and workers, we take account of the ergonomics of the workplace.


We have also set up working groups with our workers, under the guidance of an external company, to formulate, implement and evaluate projects that improve efficiency, for example, at shift changes.


We organise the Bekina Boots Run for the benefit of To Walk Again. Through the Bekina Boots business unit, we donate boots to refugees, for example, in Dunkirk via GaMCare, ...



We also pay attention to nature around us. We support the pruning of trees, for example, and have created a green zone. In addition, the polyurethane boots of the Bekina Boots brand last three times longer than rubber or PVC boots, and are therefore more durable. As a result, our users ultimately produce less waste. We also pass on this message to our distributors and end customers. In this way, we try to play our part in contributing towards the awareness of sustainable entrepreneurship.


Bekina Indurub wants to offer its customers Cradle to Cradle-certified products on the basis of rigid and flexible plastics. In recent years, the company has strongly focused on reducing its ecological footprint, among other things by avoiding the creation of waste water and paying special attention to renewable energy.



Bekina provides local employment, and we contribute to the further development of the local economy and, consequently, the creation of prosperity.
We received the VOKA Charter from the hands of Mr. Jozef Dauwe, Provincial Executive of East Flanders, on 20 June 2018.
We are looking forward to the 2018 edition of the VOKA Charter for Corporate Social Responsibility!