How to choose the right food industry boots

food industry boots

The food processing industry is one of the most demanding industries when talking about hygiene and occupational safety and health. Employers in this industry should not only vouch for food safety, they also have to guard over a safe working environment for their employees. Companies that choose for qualitative and certified personal protective equipment (PPE) can save a lot of money, for example when purchasing safety boots.

Nathalie Vereecken, R&D Manager at Bekina® Boots, gives us 5 tips that help you to identify qualitative food industry boots.

food industry boots

tip 1 food industry boots

A whopping 15% of the accidents on the work floor are caused by slips and tricks, frequently resulting in prolonged back-, knee- and wrist pains. So the importance of slip resistant food industry boots speaks for itself.

Especially the grip and the profile of the sole are very important. Professionals in the food industry are wise enough to choose food industry boots that have a SRC certification for slip resistance, which means that the boots are tested for that property in an accredited test lab.

tip 2 food industry boots

The weight of food industry boots has a direct impact on the comfort one experiences whilst wearing. Food workers spend a significant part of their working day standing upright, which can result in an intense feeling of fatigue in the lower back and legs. In the long term this is negatively influencing their productivity. It is proven that food workers with lightweight safety boots are experiencing significantly less fatigue.

In contrast to what most people think, it isn’t the protective metal toecap that makes most food industry boots so heavy. It is the material the boots are made of that determines the weight. For example, food industry boots that are made of NEOTANE® are phenomenally lighter than PVC or rubber boots.

lightweight food industry boots

tip 3 food industry boots

Cold feet aren’t just unhealthy, they also have a negative influence on the moral of your employees. Most food industry boots offer thermal insulation down to -20°C/-4°F or even down to -40°C/°F. Some manufacturers claim to have food industry boots that offer thermal insulation down to -70°C! Be careful with such claims and always ask your supplier for official certificates.

NEOTANE® food industry boots are praised by food companies because of their superior thermal insulation properties compared with pvc or rubber boots.

tip 4 food industry boots

Colour coding is an efficient method to prevent cross-contamination between the different production units of a food factory. That’s why it’s always interesting to choose food industry boots that are available in different colours. Every production unit can have its specific colour and one can not enter another production unit with the wrong coloured boots.

tip 5 food industry boots

Every type of food industry boot reacts differently on exposure to chemical substances, depending on the material the boot is made of. Before you order new food industry boots, ask for a chemical resistance list.

It happens quite often in food factories that boots start to leak because they aren’t resistant to the used cleaning and disinfection products. Trustable safety boots manufacturers can always provide you a chemical resistance list.

food industry boots cleaning disinfection


Qualitative food industry boots always comply with the above 5 properties. Comfortable and qualitative boots aren’t just a blessing for your employees, they can save you from a lot of headaches and expenses too.

Want to try new food industry boots? We can advise you Steplite®XCi, the latest innovation of Bekina® Boots:

✓ SRC certification

✓ thermal insulation down to -40°C/-40°F and still very lightweight

✓ metal free protective toecap

✓ available in different colours for colour-coding

✓ highly resistant to chemicals

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Steplite®XCi food safety boots are here!

food safety boots

We are proud to present you our latest innovation: Steplite®XCi White, a revolutionary S4 safety boot with a composite toecap. This safety boot is especially designed for the food processing industry, an industry with one of the most strict safety regulations. The Steplite®XCi is the first and only food safety boot that succesfully combines safety, powerful thermal insulation and ultimate comfort.

Stiefel Lebensmittelindustrie

No more heavy thermal boots! The Steplite®XCi offers thermal insulation down to -40°C/°F and manages to be a very lightweight safety boot at the same time. Consequently, your employees will be less tired at the end of the day when wearing the Steplite®XCi food safety boots, which directly benefits their productivity.

food safety boots

Stiefel Lebensmittelindustrie


Providing comfort to your employees is very important. Food workers spend their working day under conditions in which temperatures can vary extremely. In contrast to most food safety boots out there, the Steplite®XCi stays very flexible at all times, even in extreme cold temperatures.

Stiefel Lebensmittelindustrie

The icing on the cake? Its composite protective toecap. This non-metallic feature directly improves the safety and thermal insulation level in a way which makes the Steplite®XCi a world class safety boot.

Are you interested in the Steplite®XCi food safety boots and would you like more information? Feel free to contact us anytime. You can find specific technical information and safety certificats about this boot on its productpage.

We also offer free wear trials to companies with more than 80 employees who wear food safety boots. In case your company has less than 80 employees, we are pleased to direct you to a local dealer.

food safety boots

Bekina® Boots has the best food safety boots for every situation. Feel free to walk through our product range:

Food safety bootsFood safety boots
Food safety bootsFood safety boots

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Meet Bekina® Boots at EuroTier


It’s finally that time again: from 15th till 18th November 2016 EuroTier is again the place to be for everybody who wishes to stay up-to-date about the most recent innovations in the livestock industry. Also this edition, Bekina® Boots will be there. We are happy to invite you to this leading international trade fair. Visit our stand to discover our latest novelties: Agrilite® and Steplite®XCi.

You can find us in Hall 11, booth nr 11C47.


Agrilite® is fit for any job, in and around the farm. This full safety polyurethane (PU) boot with insulation down to -20°C is especially developed for long and intensive use.

Eurotier Bekina® Boots Agrilite®

Polyurethane is a synthetic, foamed material consisting of two components: polyol and isocyanate. Both are mixed together to result in an air bubble structure. The combination of the 2 materials lies at the origin of PU’s dual nature being both flexible as well as strong and durable.

The use of these materials makes PU boots lighter, safer (S5) and warmer (thermo−insulating down to -20°C). Additionally, the durable Bekina® Boots last up to 3 times longer than their rubber and PVC counterparts. This results in less wear and tear. Consequently, Bekina® Boots guarantee value for money.

Eurotier Bekina® Boots Steplite® Xci

Steplite®XCi is our new lightweight winter work boot for livestock farmers. Steplite®XCi (“Cold Insulation”) is a full safety polyurethane boot with high insulation for extra warm feet in winter (down to -40°C/-40°F!).

Steplite®XCi is, just like the Agrilite®, compliant with all standards worldwide for impact and penetration tests. These work boots carry the highest basic safety standard for work footwear (S5). Their optimized sole profile offer enhanced slip resistance, whilst the anatomically shaped insoles provide additional comfort. This, together with the steel toe cap and midsole, stands for optimal safety. The kick-off spur at the back of the boot makes getting out of your boots easy.


Would you like more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Agrilite® product page: 
Steplite® XCi product page:

For more information about Eurotier, please visit

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New! Steplite®XCi fishing boots!

fishing boots

Bekina® Boots proudly introduces its newest innovation: Steplite®XCi fishing boots! A cold insulation boot with superior grip, ideal for usage in the professional fishery industry. Bekina® Boots is specialized in developing safety boots for niche markets. With the new Steplite®XCi, Bekina® Boots is ready to enter the fishery industry with topnotch fishing boots.

Working in the professional fishing industry means working under extreme conditions: rain, wind, a rough sea,  a slippery deck, … In short: if you’re working in the fishing industry, quality fishing boots are essential. Since 1962 Bekina® Boots develops slip resistant safety boots. The built-up knowledge was put into practice in the development of the Steplite®XCi. It makes the Steplite®XCI a safe and comfortable fishing boot.


Slip resistance is one of the most important properties of quality fishing boots (and safety boots in general). Every day we do our utmost to enrich and further develop our technical advancements.

Steplite®XCi is the powerful result of this intensive research. These orange fishing boots score more than 30% above standard for slip resistance, thus drastically reducing slips and tricks.


Just as every other safety boot from the Bekina® Boots range, the Steplite®XCi is a cold insulation champion. These fishing boots offer protection from arctic temperatures down to a freezing -40°C/-40°F! No cold feet when wearing Bekina® Boots!


Steplite®XCi is a full safety boot (S5) with a protective toe cap and midsole. It is provided with a composite nose and anti-perforation midsole composed of high tenacity polyester fibres. This technical textile has a penetration resistance to 1200 Newton and is also used in the production of bulletproof vests!


More information about Steplite®XCi fishing boots:

fishing boots

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