Steplite®X elected as best work wellies

beste werklaarzen

Steplite®X work wellies from Bekina® Boots are the best work wellies at the moment, according to Farmers Weekly. This leading British magazine, targeted at the agriculture industry, compared Steplite®X with other work wellies from Dunlop, Hunter and Caldene. “Steplite®X work wellies have a cracking value compared with the rest”.

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In their search for the best work wellies, Farmers Weekly tested the most important properties of work wellies: slip resistance, fitting, warmth and value. Following the test results, Steplite®X is best in class.

Boots are not just an ordinary product. Therefore innovation, to us, is of capital importance. Every day we do our utmost to enrich and further develop our technical advancements. All our boots are thoroughly tested in our laboratory which is equipped with state of the art test equipment. Thanks to the enthusiasm and passion of our employees Steplite®X has been elected as the best work wellies you can find in the market.


Steplite®X are hard-wearing work wellies with a wide fitting. They are especially developed for the agriculture sector. According to Farmers Weekly, Steplite®X work wellies provide not only a superior grip, also the ergonomic footbed is much appreciated. “Steplite®X has a cracking value compared with the rest. Steplite®X is solid, all-round work boot and makes the others look like a bit of a rip-off."

Read the full article: Farm Welly Boot Test, 19/02/2016 -  Oliver Mark and James Andrews.

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