Investment of 1.2 mio EURO in new machine


Big news! Bekina® Boots invested 1.2 million euros in a brand new machine for making safety boots. This way, the production capacity is raised with 25%. As from 18 September 2017 onwards this injection machine will be fully operational. Bekina® Boots is ready to conquer the world.

"Thanks to this investment in modern automatisation, we will be more strategically placed to meet the growing worldwide demand for our boots. This investment will help us to reach our long term goals", says CEO Peter Bauwens. "Next to the fact that we are increasing the production capacity with 25%, we are also significantly reducing our lead times and are giving our general efficiency an extra power boost."

laarzen carrousel bekina boots


Peter Welvaert, Project Manager Technology: "This new machine is a major investment in the latest technology on offer in our industry. It enables us to produce different boot types in one production run. This way our production planning becomes more flexible. Additionaly, we invested in extra material tanks which are directly connected to this machine. From now on boots with different compounds can be produced on one machine in the same production run."

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What was originally the job of a production operator, pulling the boot off the mould, is now done by a robot arm. Another benefit of using robot arms is that they use 80% less solvents than a machine operator does. The use of these solvents is required to smoothly slip the boots of the mould. Dries Scheerlinck, Production Manager: "The implementation of robot arms will add ergonomics to the job of machine operators: there is less physical strain on the job and it is a lot healthier to them as well. All our operators will be retrained to use this new machine. They are very positive about this new evolution, because their job will shift from manual work to technical work."

CEO Peter Bauwens concludes: " Looking to the future, we believe that all manufacturers should invest in new automatisation technologies to stay competitive and profitable. Next to that, we keep investing in skilled workforce who are interested in learning new working methods.  

With the inauguration of their new machine, Bekina® Boots makes a clear statement that they are ready to reach their annual 10% growth rate. This was also noticed by the Flemish government who nominated Bekina® Boots as one of the three strongest export companies in the whole of Flanders. 

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Nomination 'Export Lion' 2017

Export Lion 2017

Bekina® Boots has been nominated for the Export Lion 2017, an annual competition for Flemish companies that have shown outstanding success in expanding their export markets. The winner receives an award from Flanders Investment & Trade: the Export Lion.

Only three companies are nominated in two categories: those with fewer than 50 employees, and those with 50 or more. With 53 employees in 2016, Bekina® Boots is part of this last category. Other nominees in our category are Skyline Communications from Izegem and Soudal from Turnhout.

On 8th September there will be a presentation of our company for a jury. On 20th September Flemish Minister-President Geert Bourgeois will reveal the winners in both categories. Fingers crossed!

We would like to thank all customers and employees for their dedication this year/past few years. This is thanks to you!

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Why dairy farmers need the best boots

dairy boots

Dairy farmers attach much importance to their cows’ hooves. But how good are they looking after their own feet? Let’s sum up 5 reasons why qualitative work boots are essential to any dairy farmer.

dairy boots

Any physiotherapist will tell you that the starting point for patients presenting with back pain is the feet. They always start at the footwear and the feet and work their way up. For instance, a lack of support under the heel and the big toe is definitely linked to lower back pain.

Cheap boots are typically pretty flimsy and flat in the sole. So it’s a good thing to pay a bit more for your boots and look for a cushioned sole and a footbed that supports the arch of the foot. You need something for the arch to ‘relax’ onto, that holds the foot in the correct position.

If you’re not wearing the correct footwear, this can also lead to damage to the feet and lower limbs.

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Dairy farmers can spend a significant proportion of their working day standing on concrete. And, just like their cows, this can leave them vulnerable to ‘lameness’. Depending on its severity, this can have catastrophic consequences for their dairy business.

Standing on concrete is not what our feet were designed to do. It results in excessive pronation of the foot, meaning that the arch of the foot collapses and rolls inwards. As the foot pronates there is excessive biomechanical stress placed on the joints and soft tissues in the foot. This can result in a number of painful conditions in the foot itself, such as bunions and corns.

The good news is that, just as in dairy cows, ‘lameness’ is preventable, and it doesn’t need to involve a cattle crush or a vet! Again, a good pair of work boots with a shock absorbing footbed can do some magic here.

dairy boots

dairy boots


Another reason to wear qualitative work boots are cold feet. Cold feet lead to blood circulation problems and can result in chilblains and other ‘nasties’. Ideally, dairy farmers should be wearing thermal insulated work boots. Lab tests revealed that NEOTANE® safety boots offer a better thermal insulation than PVC or rubber boots, keeping your feet warmer in winter!

dairy boots


There are numerous hazards on a dairy farm. Not surprising when you’re working with big animals and heavy machinery all day. One of the most common risks at the farm is the risk of slipping. When buying a new pair of boots, you should look at the certifications. Are the boots being tested for slip resistance by a certified institution? You can recognize the most common institutes with the following logos:

dairy boots certificates

dairy boots


You can save yourself a lot of money (as well as pain and hassle) when you’re buying yourself a decent pair of boots. If you damage your feet and require physiotherapy, the bill can easily run into hundreds of pounds. You can buy a decent pair of boots for much less than that.

Also, cheap boots wear out much faster than decent boots, requiring you to buy a new pair more frequently. In short, don’t fall prey to the false economy of cheap work boots. It is a recipe for trouble.

dairy boots


Safety boots from Bekina® Boots are made from NEOTANE® material, a foamy material with three major characteristics making them ideal for dairy farmers.

✓ Extra comfortable and healthy for your feet and back
✓ Lasts 3X longer than PVC and rubber
✓ Very lightweight


dairy boots

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